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Summer Celebration Is Here!

Summer is in full swing and thanks to organic whole food goodness, there’s no better time to feel your best! To celebrate summer we’re giving the gift of savings, making all the good of nature accessible and affordable for everyone. And we’ve even got some super rewards in place when you spread the word.

Celebrate Your Summer with Savings

Celebrate summer with Member savings that last all year long. This month we’re giving away FREE one-year Member passes (new Members only) with any product purchase.

Members get access to sale prices, every day, on every order. With Membership you get savings of 20% to 25% or more off all products, instantly.

Not a Member yet? To redeem your gift, simply select Join Now & Save in the top right corner of the page, pick your products, and use the promo code SUMMER during checkout.

The Perks of a Member Pass
  • Everyday lowest prices, guaranteed!
  • Access new product launches and exclusive special offers.
  • Get the latest health news, recipes and more in your inbox.
  • Receive 25% on referrals you make (learn more).
  • Earn on a lifetime of reorders placed by people you refer.
  • Backed by our 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

With our summer celebration, your one-year Member pass is free with any purchase of our pure, wholesome supplements!

Join Now with Promo Code: SUMMER

Summer Bonus for Spreading the Word!

While every Member can earn fast cash for referrals (learn more), during this month of summer celebration we’ve got an extra bonus for those who share the goodness.

And we make it easy to spread the word. That’s because as a Member you get your own free TheGoodInside website. All it takes is a smartphone and a passion for healthy living.

Step 1: Visit your personal site (the site name you selected when joining)
Step 2: Share this blog post to social media from your site

When people place a first order of $100 or more, either as a new Customer or a new Member (remember, Members can join free with promo code SUMMER), it’s counted as a summer bonus enrollment, and you earn extra cash. This bonus is in addition to our regular 25% referral bonus.

The more you share, the greater the bonus…

With 3 or more >>> $50 Summer Bonus
With 5 or more >>> $100 Summer Bonus
With 10 or more >>> $250 Summer Bonus
After 10, the cycle starts over and you can earn all over again!

The Rules: To qualify as an enrollment for the purposes of the Summer Bonus, the new Customer or new Member must be personally enrolled or referred in the month of June 2017 with a first order of $100 or more (not including tax shipping). Only Members are eligible to earn bonuses. The bonus will be paid to the enrolling Member in monthly commissions and will be calculated based on the total number of qualified personal enrollments in June. Bonuses do not stack. A return or cancelled order will not be considered a qualified enrollment. Enrollments do not carry over and may not be transferred to any other Member.

Earn even more with a Matching Activity Bonus!

Members can make summer even more rewarding with a matching activity bonus. If you have a team member who earns the summer bonus outlined above, you can earn a 50% match on their bonus, providing you are at or above the same bonus level as your personally enrolled member.

Click here to download flyer

To learn more and view all the requirements for the Summer Bonus and Matching Activity Bonus, view or print the downloadable flyer >>> click here

If you have a passion for healthy living, like telling others about good deals, and enjoy getting extra money—start sharing the good inside today. With our savings celebration and rewarding bonus you can make this summer your biggest and best yet.